Our staff heavily researches the worlds leading direct-to-consumer brands and maintains an up to date directory of reccomended companies in every major category. we provide consumers with time savings, trustorthy information, and then we get out the way. Consumers get introduced directly to amazing brands, and with no middleman involved, costs can be cut as much as 50% or more.

Why direct matters? The idea is simple: eliminate third party retailers, wholesalers, reselleres, and all the middleman who do little more than eat margins while clueless store clerks deliver a terible experience and higher quality products at a much lower price.

Direct-to-cosumer revolution is here!

Revolutionary Pricing

Your going straight to the source, my friend. No unnecesary middlemen means no unnecessary mark-up. Selling directly to consumer allows brans the freedom to offer revolutionary procicng in one of two ways

1. Create the absolute the best products at the same price as very ordinary retail product, or

2. Create comparable product at a fraction of the going price – half proce or less is common

Unparalleled Customer Experience

By selling direct brands gain the the massive advantage of having direct communication with their customers every day receiving valuable feedback and building loyal relationships through a superior customer experience. This enables the efficient, direct communication between customers and the knowledgeable people who design the products, make the product and deal with the product every day. For customers this direct communication with company isn’t just invaluable when you are buying, but also if you ever have a problem

Absolutelly No compromises

In the traditional retail model where products are sold indirectly throught middleman, every $1 of production costs normally leads to 4$-5$ being charged to consumers at the register. Most of that markup gets eaten by the middleman. This ineffcient model forces companies to make sacrifices on materials, quality, and all kinds of crazy things in retail proce points. Brands that sells direct to consumers, even at a fraction of the price, have much more room to invest in materials and innovation & more freedom to truly explore the needs of consumers


A brand discovery engine for a post – Amazon world. To facilitate the original promise of the internet and to eliminate unnecessary middleman in everything. We belive businesses has the power and responsibility to be a force for good, which is why we operate as a certified V-corporation, a legal entity created for betterment of society.

Join Our Revolution today !

Retails sales worldwide totaled $22 trilion in 2016, with e-commerce representing roughly $2 trilion of that. Unnecesary middlemen take a huge chunk of that $22 trillion, and eliminating the middlemen would potentially save consumers trillions of dollars, or enable businesses to add trylions of dollars of value for the same proce.

We belive its time for consumers to start enjoing the benefits of globalisation instead of those benefits being enjoyed only by calculating middleman corporations in the form of dramatically increased profits. If consumers and businesses are connected directly, consumers buying power has the potential to be twice as powerful- empowering them to work less, and spend their hard earned money in way that increases